13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



Conference Theme

Economy in the crisis and post-crisis period: structural changes and policies of innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development

The global financial crisis turned into economic and social crisis in Greece and other countries. The crisis has led to serious structural changes not only in economy but also in society. These changes are obvious in business policy, in regional development and in the structure of economy and society as for example the high migration flow of young people. Is the post-crisis period a new economic and social period?

This conference, on the one hand, focuses on the analysis of changes caused in economy and society and on the other hand, on the policies that should be adopted in the post-crisis period. Are there any development perspectives in the post-crisis period? If yes, in which fields and through which business and innovation policies? Which is the role of regional policy through statutory acts? Which are the distinct boundaries between the public and private sector under the new policies? Which funding sources can contribute to growth and development?

Conference Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Energy policy
  • Development and regional policy
  • Funding and financial instruments
  • Economic policies
  • Social changes




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