13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



MIBES 2006, 4-5 November, Larissa

ISBN: 978-960-87764-3-2

Keynote Address


Oral Papers


O.Agorasti, G. Blanas, P. Golemis. The evolution and the prospects of contemporary financial instruments in Greece: The case of swaps.  
G. Angelou, A. Economides. A Fuzzy Growth Options approach under competition threat.  
P. Artikis. Economic spread and market value. The case of listed companies in Greece.  
D. Georgopoulos, T. Papadogonas. An evaluation of some aspects of the Greek privatization process.  
N. Gerantonis, J Sorros. Insurance Companies. The effects of the IFRS first time adoption.  
A. Grzesiuk. Internationalization of retailing in Poland: some comments after 15 years of experiences.  
G Iatridis, S. Valachi. Presentation of Financial Statements under IAS 1 and Other Key Decision-Making Issues Surrounding Firm Financial Performance; An Empirical Investigation of UK Firms.  
Dr B. Janavaras, Dr E. Gomes. Global Business Research and Strategic Planning Tools.  
G Karagouni. I Papadopoulos. The impact of technological innovation capabilities on the competitiveness of a mature industry.  
N. Karanassios, S. Athianos, P Zlatintsi. Student Entrepreneurship in the Balkan context.  
O. Krikeli, E. Velissariou, A. Anagnostopoulos. Part-time Work and Female Participation in the Hospitality Sector: A Case Study of Greece.  
M. Kyritsi, Dr I Santouridis. Internet Banking Internationally and in Greece. The Determinants of its Adoption.  
I. Lekidou, P. Trivellas, P Ipsilandis. Patients' satisfaction and quality of care: An empirical study in a Greek central hospital  
V. Mavroidis. "Application of Dynamic Systems Theory in the evaluation of an Integrated Business Excellence System".  
M Melidonioti, K Gotzamani. Standardization and Quality in Greek banking services.  
P. Messis, G. Blanas, G. Iatrides. Fama & French Three-Factor model vs. APT; Evidence From the Greek Stock Market.  
D. Minetos, S. Polyzos, L. Sdrolias. Social and Public Responsibility and Illegal Urban Land Uses in Greece: An Empirical Investigation.  
Dr P. Pantelidis, Dr D. Paschaloudis, K. Anastasiadou, A. Anastasiadou. Managing in a Global Context: The case of a Western oil industry in United Arab Emirates.  
A. Papadimitriou, K. Gotzamani, H. Ntinas, G Tsiotras. Effective practices in academic support services in Greek Public Universities: Preliminary findings from Career Services.  
E. Papadopoulos, G. Dounias. Real option methodology for the evaluation of it projects.  
N. Pavlou, G. Blanas, P. Golemis. The Application of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis in the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX).  
S. Polyzos, D. Minetos, L. Sdrolias. Productivity and Spatial Diffusion of Technology in Greece: An Empirical Analysis.  
G. Sfakianakis. Determinants of the growth slowdown in Greece during the previous growth cycle.  
A. Smith, B. Temple. Growing and Developing Old Economy Firms.  
D. Stavárek. Some evidence of exchange market pressure in the EU4 countries.  
T. Syriopoulos. Corporate Social Responsibilityand Shareholder Effects: The Greek Paradigm.  

Poster Papers


G. Asimakopoulou. Is employee performance related to effective crisis management? A review of literature.  

E. Bitsani, D. Stavroulakis. Facets of Arab Culture: Implications for Business.


E. Fragouli. Employee Downsizing: A Company Cost – Benefit Analysis in Short and Long Term.


Y. Hajidimitriou, N. Sklavounos. The theThe Importance of Trust for the Success StrategicSuccess of International Strategic AlliancesAlliances.


L. Henriksen, D. Swetnam. Innovation Management in practice.


T. Karagiorgos, G. Drogalas, P. Christodoulou, M. Pazarskis. The crucial importance of accounting in tourism business.


K. Karamanis, A. Georgopoulos. Market's liberalization and consequent changes in the Telecommunication Sector.


M. Kouti, P. Fitsilis. Evaluation of the application of JIT method in Greek SMEs.


T. Leventi, L. Sdrolias, N. Kakkos, I. Ipsilanti. Strategies and Policies of Regional Development of Non-Saturated Touristic Areas: Evidence from Greece.


Z. Maditinos, Ch. Vassiliadis. Local Crises and Natural Disasters: Effects and Consequences on the Global Tourism Industry.


D. Paschaloudis, K. Anastasiadou, A. Anastasiadou, P. Pantelidis. The Training Process in Bank Organisations within a Global Context.


T. Poulios, A. Vasileiadis, A. Anagnostopoulos, D. Apostolou. Two-Sided Market Networks: the Importance of Internet b2b Intermediaries.


V. Roussopoulos. Foreign culture environment as a problem in international management: A critical representation of the culture levels model.


T. Sulcova. The Methodology of Human Resources Marketing Tools Selection in the Recruitment Process with Focus on International Companies.


Ch. Tsitsakis. An early implementation of TQM in a Byzantine Hospital. Should we hope that we could revert to our starting point?


I. Tsolas, O. Manoliadis. Corporate Performance Evaluation: Evidence from the Greek Construction Industry.


E. Velissariou, O. Krikeli. Language Skills as a factor of quality in the Greek Hotel enterprises. A comparison study of various hotel categories.


A. Vlysidis. The key role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Eastern Enlargement of EU.


C. Voyiatzis. The development of clusters of small and medium size enterprises in Greek shoemaking industry from a theoretical and empirical aspect.


E. Wasowicz-Zaborek. Globalization process and international tourism – case study of Poland.