13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



MIBES 2013, 08-10 June, Larissa

CD ISBN: 978-960-9510-08-0  
Proposing an Index of Domination in an international trade relation: An illustrative analysis for trade activity conducted among the EU and the ENP countries
Kallioras D.
1 - 13
Financial Development, Economic Institutions and Policy – Panel Data Evidence
Filippidis I.
14 - 25
Financial Liberalization and External Imbalances: The Case of CESEE Countries
Gürsoy B. & Yılancı V.
26 - 33
Intermediaries: Past, Present and Future Role
Lazarides T. & Papadopoulou M.
34 - 42
Evaluating the Differences in the Greek Regional Productivity by Applying Shift–Share Analysis
Polyzos S., Tsiotas D. & Sdrolias L.
43 - 56
Energy Efficiency-Enhancing Investments in Experimental Oligopoly: Who Likes Them?
Vasileiou E., Georgantzís N. & Belidis A.
57 - 81
Evaluating Greek economic sectors' regional dynamics during the pre and in-crisis period
Pnevmatikos T., Niavis S. & Polyzos S.
82 - 93
Knowledge-intensive innovation in low-tech industries
Karagouni G. & Kalesi M.
94 - 107
Some statistical evaluation on the development of individual groups in the European economies banking sector
Kuzemin A.Y., Lyashenko, V.V. & Taranukha K.I.
108 - 116
The Implementation of Monetary Policy in Euroarea, United Kingdom and USA: Evidence from Financial Crisis Period
Salachas E.
117 - 132
Examining South Africa’s trade with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) with the SADC Free Trade Area initiative in place
Mutambara T.E.
133 - 158
The wood and furniture sector within crisis: a dynamic capabilities perspective
Karagouni G. & Protogerou, A.
159 - 173
The Project-Based Learning Course in Educational Organizations: A Challenge for Learners & Tutors
Zacharis K., Ipsilandis P. & O' Kane J.
174 - 187
Corporate Social Responsibility in Greek Small and Medium Enterprises
Pitoska E.
188 - 197
The Psychological Contract: The Case of OSE
Malaki N. & Blanas G.
198 - 212
Stan: A dynamic web-based application for financial statement analysis
Filippidis A.P., Kosmidis K. & Mardiris V.
213 - 221
Public Investments Allocation and Regional Prosperity
Geraki M., Polyzos S. & Sdrolias L.
222 - 233
International Competitiveness through Innovation and Entrepreneurship The case of Greece
Barkas P.
234 - 245
Investments to restart the real economy – the main way out of crisis in Romania
Popa A. & Vasilescu L.
246 - 256