13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



MIBES 2010, 4-6 June, Kavala

ISBN: 978-960-98411-8-4  
Keynote Address  
Panigyrakis George G., International Marketing and Business Ethics in a Crisis Environment  
Oral Papers Page
Prabhakaran Nair V.R., Financial Liberalization and Determinants of Investment: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Firms 1-12
Vasilescu L. G., Factoring – financing alternative for SMEs 13-23
Stoica O., Future of the Romanian Stock Market in a European Context 24-30
Chourmouziadis K., Efficient Market Hypothesis: A review of existing research and criticism 31-45
Kontsas S., Alexadridis T., Kechagia M., An Empirical Measurement Model of the Reaction of Output into the Private Sector 46-59
Oluitan R., Bank Efficiency in Africa 60-83
Radulescu M., Banks and Private Debt Restructuring During the Financial Crisis in the Emerging Countries 84-97
Exarchou V., Covered Interest Parity, capital controls and financial integration 98-114
Georgopoulos D., Papadogonas T., Sfakianakis G., Household debt developments and sustainability: a comparison between Greece and Spain 115-131
Keramydas C., Vlachos D., Iakovou E., Anagnostopoulos A., Design of the Hellenic Public Cord Blood Bank Network 132-142
Galani D., Gravas E., Stavropoulos A., ERP Benefits and Firm Performance in Greece 143-152
Michaloudis C., Georgiadis P., Dynamic decision support system for strategic policy making 153-163
Kosmidis K., Chatzis V., Stavropoulos A., Terzidis K., Incorporating TQM in higher education: Students' assessment of academic performance 164-176
Kaltsidou D., Dimitriadis E., Kaltsidis T., Factors motivating the Greek consumers to adopt E-commerce 177-192
Ozata E., Ozer M., Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Turkey: Evidence from a Structural Vector Autoregressive Approach 193-208
Ulku N., Modeling Comovement among Emerging Stock Markets: The Case of Budapest and Istanbul 209-227
Kyrkilis D., Nikolopoulos E., Pantelidis P., Economic Size, Foreign Direct Investment, and Economic Crisis 228-234
Ikizlerli D., Ulku N., Political Risk and Foreigners' Trading: Evidence from an Emerging Stock Market 235-251
Gursoy B., Three Decades of External Imbalances and Macroeconomic Fundamentals: The Case of Turkey 252-266
Clipici E., Theoretical considerations about utility and uncertainty 267-274
Coskun I. O., Ozer M., MGARCH Modelling of Inbound Tourism Demand Volatility in Turkey 275-291
Velissariou E., Zagotsi S., The Human capital in the Greek Hotel Industry 292-305
Leivadiotou E., Markopoulos D., Cyber communities and Electronic Word-of-Mouth: The use of Facebook in the promotion of hospitality services 306-319
Stylidis D., Szivas E., Biran A., Residents' Perception of the Economic Impacts of Tourism in Kavala, Greece 320-337
Terzidou M., Religion as a motivation to travel: The case of Tinos island in Greece 338-349
Valsamidis S., Petasakis I., Terzidis K., Karakos A., Entrepreneurship activity of TEI Kavala's graduates 350-361
Sarmento E. de M., Nunes A. M. de A. R., Business Creation in Portugal: Comparison Between the World Bank Data and Quadros De Pessoal 362-377
Roman A., Ignatescu V. D., Features of SMEs in Romania in the Context of European Integration and Implications of the Current Crisis 378-393
Pazarskis M., Alexandrakis A., Karagiorgos T., The Post-Merger Accounting Performance of Greek Listed Firms in South-Eastern European Countries 394-408
Mandilas A., Nikolaidis M., Valsamidis S., Nikolaidis A., An Empirical Study on the Addoption of IFRS for SMEs: The Case of Kavala, Greece 409-432
Maditinos D., Chatzoudes D., Tsairidis C., Theriou G., The impact of intellectual capital on firms' market value and financial performance 433-447
Magoutas A. I., Papadogonas T. A., Sfakianakis G., Human capital and growth revisited: a microeconomic approach 448-455
Poster Papers  Page
Vasilescu L. G., Voicu V., Technology transfer – premise for valorization of RDI results. The case of Romania 456-465
Soava G., Radut C., Tenovici C. O., The design and implementation of Olap system. Case study - Research University 466-474
Secara C. G., Effective educational communication - bridge between present and future 475-484
Mehedintu A., Pirvu C., Soava G., The optimization of performances for web applications by using mysql data basis 485-494
Trachanopoulou T., Trachanopoulou I., The gender in Higher Education Management 495-503
Pipiliagkopoulos M., Sevic Z., Maditinos D., XBRL: A theoretical approach 504-513
Tsinani A., Sevic Z., Maditinos D., Decision-making process under risk and uncertainty. The role of managerial optimism: A theoretical approach 514-524
Karagiannis S., Apostolou D., Tourism marketing science in Crete island and its perspectives through a swot analysis 525-540
Tsitsakis C. A., The problem of capacity management in Greek Public Hospitals 541-545
Katarachia A., Tsampouris F., Konstantinidis A., Customs Unions Welfare 546-553
Karathanos A. A., Mavromatidi V. M., Mouratidis X., Implementation of international accountancy patterns in Greece, differences detected in accountancy conditions and aggregations 554-562
Pavlitsas K. X., Mavromatidi V. M., Mili M., Majchrowska G., Theoretical approaches in the subjects of income's distribution after Kalecki 563-572
Gajic T., Grzinic J., Tourism as an obligatory segment of modern society culture 573-587
Katsikis I. N., The Role of Corporate Ownership on Downsizing Decision Making 588-595
Capraru B., The structure of Romanian banking system in the context of European integration and the financial crisis of 2007 596-604
Anton S. G., Avadanei A., The implications of european retail banking integration on small and medium-sized enterprises financing. An overview 605-619
Lazar S., The financial crisis in Romania and tax incentives to overcome it: an overview 620-629
Ghiba N., Avadanei A., Implications of single euro payments area for the financial services market. The case of Romania 630-643
Kagara E., Voyiatzis C., The customer service in the banking sector as a means of creating a competitive advantage: the case of Attica Bank 644-657