13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



MIBES 2009, 18-20 September, Florina

ISBN: 978-960-98411-5-3

Keynote Address

Petrakos G., Unbalanced growth Drivers, conditions, interdependencies and implications for theory and policy  5-32

Oral Papers


Karamanis K., Competitive dynamics in Greek telecommunications: the effects of telecommunications reform on market structure

Vasilescu L. G., Competitiveness, innovation and financing - a trilemma for the Romanian SMEs  45-57
Hajidimitriou Y.A., Rotsios K.P., Effective Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Acquisition in International Joint Ventures  58-71
Trigkas M., Blioumis V., Papadopoulos I., Karaggouni G., Innovation System Analysis of the Wood and Furniture SME's in the Region of Thessaly  72-88
Hassairi A.F., Ayed T.L., A comparative Study on acceptance technologies between an integrated Software (MAXIMO) and an ERP (SAP) in British Gas (BG) Tunisia  89-105
Kantur D., Import Competition and Domestic Entrepreneurship China and Turkey 's textile and clothing industry  106-122
Fotopoulou D., Psychogios A., Towards the Anglo-Saxonization of Management Education? The Implications of Institutional Isomorphism in Mediterranean Capitalisms  123-135
Karagouni G., Papadopoulos I., Trigkas M., The innovativeness of Thessalian wood and furniture SMEs and the business environment   136-152
Kalfas G. D., Tyrselis S. X., Factors determining the sustainable management of local resources of growth regarding mountainous regions, the case of Community Nymfaio of Prefecture of Florina  153-168
Athanasiou E., Georgiadis P., The Non-Standard Lifecycle Pattern Effect on Capacity Planning of Reverse Logistics  169-180
Mallidis I., Dekker R., Iakovou E., Vlachos D., Tsitsamis D., Yard management for improving the efficiency of a Container Terminal  181-188
Hatzikonstantinou O., Liberopoulos G., Pandelis D., The Stochastic Economic Lot Sizing Problem for Continuous Multigrade Production  189-199
Turkyılmaz S., Ozer M., Mgarch Modeling of the Relationships Between Inflation, Output, Nominal and Real Uncertainty in Turkey  200-212
Nita V., Butnaru G.I., Some conclusions about perceptions of accommodation managers concerning quality strategies for tourism products and services – case study for Neamt and Vatra Dornei region (Romania)  213-226
Angeli I., Apostolou N., Pouvali M., Olympiou A., A Case study of Three National Surveys in Cyprus on quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management Systems  227-249
Drakidis A., Mavroeidis V., Kyratsis P, Review of modern regional satisfaction measurement tools and proposal of a new business excellence barometer: implementation for the Region of Western Greece  250-259
Kostakis A. P., Ipsilandis P., Measuring the Customer Satisfaction in Public Transportation. An empirical study based in urban buses in the city of Larisa (Greece) The MUSA methodology  260-275
Karagoz K., Ergun S., Stock market Integration among Balkan countries  276-286
Pazarskis M., Karagiorgos Th., Elefteriadis I., Christodoulou P., The Post-Merger Performance of Acquiring Firms: Evidence from a Comprehensive Greek Sample   287-294
Roman A., Anton Sorin G., Banking Sector Trends and Challenges in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries  295-308
Christidou M., Panagiotidis Th., Purchasing Power Parity and the European Single Currency: Some new Evidence   309-323
Pappas A. P., Capital Mobility and Growth: Evidence from Greece   324-339
Vlysidis A. V., Financial Crisis an Opportunity or a Curse for Foreign Direct Investments   340-350
Kontorousis D., Voyiatzis K., The impact of Foreign Direct Investments on productivity and salaries: Evidence from the EU and a case study from Greece 351-370
Karatas C., Privatization policy and regulation in Turkey 371-381
Telci E. E., Globalization in the banking sector: The case of Turkey  382-397

Poster Papers


Şerbănescu L., Business Intelligence Tools for Payment Analysis  398-405
Paschaloudis D., Anastasiadou K., Tzialas C., Pantelidis P., Anastasiadou A., How the Provision of International Training can Improves Service Quality. The case of a Local Government Office in Western Greece  406-422
Leventi Th., The impacts of the implementation of International Accounting Standards  423-429
Pirvu C., Mehedintu A., The use of informational technologies into the cost management   430-445
Mihai D. M., Brutu M., Recommendations for improving the distribution policy of the Agip Romania S.A.- the administered gasoline stations  446-455
Topaloglou L., Economic cross border interaction between Greece and Turkey: Towards to a new pragmatism?  456-467
Filippidis K., The EU and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The economy of the accession  468-477
Radulescu M., The Characteristics of the Romanian Fund for Deposits Guarantee' Activity  478-493
Anton Sorin Gabriel, Credit Risk Transfer Instruments in Central and Eastern European Countries in the Light of the Subprime Crisis  494-504
Hagiu A., Măgură C., Romania's Foreign trade in the Transition Period  505-518

Maden C., Transforming public organizations into learning organizations: How culture makes a difference

Toka A., Iakovou El., Vlachos D., Modeling of Agricultural Waste Biomass Supply Chains for Energy Production  535-546