13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



MIBES 2008, 4-5 July, Larissa

ISBN: 978-960-98411-1-5

Keynote Address

Donnelly , T., The Chinese Car Industry and Globalization  5-17

Oral Papers


Balsarı Ç.,Ucdogruk Y., The Impact of Investment and R&D Subsidies on Firm Performance: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange

Bilgili B., Unal S., Kano Model Application for Classifying the Requirements of University Students 31-46
Bozbay Z., Ozen H., The Assessment of Greece’s Image as a Tourism Destination 47-60
Dragusha Bl., Bejleri Em., The impact of EU Accession Process on the Western Balkans FDI inflows 61-74
Garefalakis Al.,Sariannidis N.,Zopounidis C., Zisis P., Building Balanced Scorecard in a complex form of enterprise with various effective managerial tools and performance strategies. The case of Gas Corporation S.A., in Greece. 75-90
Gayialis S., Spanos A., Tatsiopoulos Il., A Decision Support System for Detailed Production Scheduling in a Greek Metal Forming Industry 91-109
Georgopoulos D., Papadogonas Th., Sfakianakis G., Deregulation and private debt developments in Greece 110-122
Goulas A., Blanas G. & Gomes E., The formation of strategic groups in the Athens Stock Exchange 123-140
Hirschi G., Jones M., Strategic Leadership – A Resourced Based View 141-157
Hosseini. S. S., Ghorbani. M., Shahbazi. H., The Farm-Retail Iran’s Beef Marketing Margin Model 158-174
Jenkins W., Competitive strategy in three dimensions: towards a model for enhancing learning 175-191
Karadeniz E., Ozdemir O.,Entrepreneurship in Turkey and Developing countries: a comparison of Activities, Characteristics, Motivation and Environment for Entrepreneurship  192-208
Karagouni G., Papadopoulos I., Valergas G., Sevopoulou I., Value–Chain clustering as an Alternative strategy for Small-Scale and Micro Firms 209-227
Liberopoulos G.,Koukoumialos S., On the Effect of Variability and Uncertainty in Advance Demand Information on the Performance of a Make-to-Stock Supplier 228-247
Magoutas An. I., Papadogonas Th. A., Human Capital and Efficient Decision Making 248-254
Mavridis D. G., Intellectual Entrepreneurial Aspects Disclosed in Xenophon’s Work “Oikonomikos” 255-267
Nae G., Grigore C., Corporate Social Responsibility Policymaking in the EU countries – an overview 268-284
Papadopoulos I., Karagouni G., Valergas G., Sevopoulou3 I., Clustering as a Means for Gaining Competitive Advantage in Small and Micro Furniture Firms’ Marketing Opportunities 285-299
Papapanagiotou K., Angelis El., Vlachos D., Decision making in Supply Chains using Simulation: A Methodological Approach 300-310
Polyzos S.,Minetos D., Spatial analysis of differences in variation of building activity in Greece 311-326
Pripoaie R., Sirbu C.,Onica Cr. M., The Analyze and Prognose of Risk Bankruptcy – Case Study, Arcelor Mittal Steel Galati 327-339
Prodan A., Clipa C., Clipa A., The transfer of Romanian Human Resources Management practices in Multinational Companies 340-346
Riaz A., Akbar A.,“An Analysis of Multidimensional Commitment of Salespeople 347-363
Sanidas E., Business and Competitiveness: Two mModels Compared and Microeconomic/Management Foundations of National or International Comparisons 364-378
Schmidt, C. Kinzler, S. C., Analysis of virtual teams. 379-394
Secara C. & Radulescu M., The stress impact in managerial eficiency and performance in financial organisations 395-405
Serbanescu L., Bengescu M., Dumitru M. I., Methods of Measuring the Students’Results Obtained in the Teaching-Learning Process 406-417
Stavroulakis D., HRM Practices in View of Internalization. Evidence From Business in Greece 418-426
Thanou E., Argyrofthalmidou G., Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID): Implementation progress and possible implications for the Greek capital market. 427-439
Topaloglou L., Obstacles in economic cross border interaction across the EU external and Northern Greek border regions 440-456
Tsakistara D., Sdrolias L., Polyzos S., Kakkos N., Analysis of Greek milk market. Quo vadis? 457-471
Tsitsifli S., Kanakoudis V., Best Practices of PPP projects in the water services sector 472-486
Tsourela M., Mouza A.M., Paschaloudis D., Extrinsic Job Satisfaction of Employees, Regarding their Intention to Leave Work Position. A Survey in Small and Medium Enterprises. 487-499
Turkyılmaz S., Ozer M., A Time Series Analysis of Turkish Unemployment 500-514
Unal S., Ercis A., Decision-Making styles and Personal Values of Bosnian and Turkish Young People 515-532
Velissariou E., Apladas G., Results of a survey on the island of Crete.Recruitment Procedures in the Hotel Industry. 533-547
Vourlioti E. S., Chatzoglou P.D., Diamantidis A.D., New Product Development Process and its Impact on Product Quality 548-559
Yilmaz B. S., Competitive Advantage Strategies for SMES in Tourism Sector: A Case Study 560-571

Poster Papers


Avrămescu T.C., Popescu R.F., Tourism - Part of the Sustainable Local Development 572-580
Băloi I C., The Importance of non-Coformism in Organizations 581-588
Banuta M., Implications of Stock Accounting within the Groups of Companies that Have Investments in the Furniture Industry 589-605
Belak S., Peša A.R., Belak B., Future of Business Intelligence System Regarding the Protection of Privacy of Individuals, Organizations, Companies and Society as a Whole 606-615
Bengescu M., Şerbănescu L., Dumitru M., The Evaluation and the Accounting of Income Based on IAS 18 616-626
Bocean G.C., Corporate governance principles and practice in emerging countries. Case of Romania 627-635
Bondoc M.D., Considerations upon the ways of increasing the work productivity and their reflection in the company’s performances 636-643
Butnaru G.I., Trends and Evolutions in the Sphere of Quality of the Romanian Tourism Services 644-663
Dumitru M. I., Bengescu M., Şerbănescu L., Financial Implications Regarding the Intangible Assets – Occasioned Costs by the web-sites Construction 664-672
Georgescu  M., Tugui A., Dumitriu F., Georgescu I., Challenges For The Quality Of Information In The Paperless Office 673-683
Grigore C., Nae G., Grigore G., Private Actors Involvement in International Public Policymaking 684-693
Hagiu A., Avramescu C., The evolution of the foreign direct investments in Romania 694-704
Ionescu R., Oprea R., Regional Disparities in the Newest Member States of the E.U. Romania’s Situation 705-721
Karamanis K., Georgopoulos A., Telecommunication Deregulation:The Case of Greece 722-730
Karampelas E. Multinational Marketing Tactics and Strategies 731-741
Lyroudis V.,Lyroudi K., Stavropoulos  A., IFRS Implementation on a Utility Company 742-750
Meghisan G.M., Meghisan F., European Telecommunication Companies and their Strategies 751-758
Mehedintu A., Buligiu I., Pirvu C., Technologies used in  Enterprise Application Integration and  Business-to-Business Integration processes 759-768
Naco M., Gaxha V., Implementation of National Accounting Standards and Its problems in Albanian reality 769-782
Neacşu M., Bâldan C., Flexicurity in EU countries 783-793
Padhan P.C., The Random Walk Hypothesis Pertaining to Stock Prices in India: A Firm Level Analysis 794-807
Paschaloudis D., Haidos S., Pantelidis P., Anastasiadou A., Dapis D., “The Importance of Corporate Culture in International Market: The case of Procter & Gamble” 808-819
Peša A.R., Belak S., Belak A., The impact of globalization on the increased necessity for work force flexibility in Croatia and in other Southeastern transition countries 820-827
Petreski G., Kostoska O.,Improving Competitiveness of the European Economies in Transition: Importance of Foreign Direct Investment 828-842
Pîrvu D.,Clipici E., Decentralization of Public Services in Romania 843-853
Popescu R.F.,Ungureanu E., Brief Assessment Regarding the Situation of the Romanian Industrial Parks 854-860
Rădulescu M., Secară C., Dascălu N.,Diversifying the Communication and Distribution Banking Channels in Europe and Romania 861-872
Tabaku J.,Sallaku S., Small Businesses, Promoters of Development, International Evidence 873-881
Terzi N., Foreign Investors: Analyzing their Behavior towards Deneloping Countries 882-890
Ungureanu E., Hagiu A., The Reform of Agricultural Policy in Romania 891-901
Vasilescu L.G., Pirvu C., Mehedintu A., Foreign Direct Investment in Romania - Factors and Implications on Economic Development 902-916