13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



10th MIBES’ Conference – Larisa, Greece, October 15th–17th 2015

CD ISBN: 978-960-9510-22-6
Welcome by
MIBES Chair George Blanas
TEI Vice President Stathis Velissariou
Vice-Rector of South Bohemia University Škodová Parmová
Composers, Lyrisists & Songwriters Spanomarkou A. & Spanomarkou I., Sour trees are blooming & other songs
Keynote Speaker
Distinguished Professor of International Business John Thanopoulos, The Era of Global Firms and Corporate Governance
Invited Speakers
Customedialabs Executive Creative Director John Magas, , Director of Strategy & UX Anthea Blanas & Art Director Dimitris Evaggelou, Bringing Worlds Together
Lens Living Lab Coordinator Brane Semolic, Globalization and Innovation Ecosystems
Denmark KM Fest Coordinator Leif Henriksen, The local university as a key catalyst for regional entrepreneurial development – a case story from Odense/Denmark
Partner-CEO of Anchorstone Partners Loukas Pilitsis, The Greek new entrepreneurship ecosystem. Assisting new entrepreneurs establish their startup and grow globally
e-Food Digital Marketing Manager and TEI of Thessaly Business Administration Graduate Kostas Giamalis, From student competitions to finding employment
Oral Presentations (Linked to Papers)
1. Anagnostopoulos A., Kontakos P. & Bitzenis A., Notes on Labour Market Flexibility and Informality in Greece
2. Apostolidis G., Evaluation of the Community Initiative LEADER in GREECE: A Methodological Approach
3. Apostolidis G., Investigation of Recreation possibilities in the frame of forest Multiple Use: The case of Loutraki Aridea Springs
4. Azaria A. & Tsikeli E., The Use of Facebook in Greece: Suggestions for Marketing and Management
5. Bitzenis A., Anagnostopoulos A. & Kontakos P., Labour Market Flexibility and Informality in Greece: An empirical study
6. Blanas G., Trigkas, M., Karagouni, G & Papadopoulos I., Smart Ecological Furniture Business Model Innovation
7. Chrapalos A., Chatzoudes D. & Zoitsas A., Investigating the factors having an impact on the use of e-government: an empirical study
8. Chytis E., Filos J., Diakomihalis M., The Effective Tax Burden of Listed Companies: The Case of the Athens Stock Exchange(ASE)
9. Filos J. & Veli B., Social entrepreneurship as a means of sustainable economic growth in the period of economic crisis
10. Folinas D., Aidonis D., Papadopoulou M, & Trantafyllou D., Identifying user requirements of an IS for management container handling procedures
11. Geraki M & Polyzos S., Public spending allocation factors for Alter Tourism Investment Program NSRF 2007-2013. Evidence from Greece
12. Geranis C., Theriou G. & Sarigiannidis L., CrowdFunding: An empirical study
13. Kamish M., Kamish S. & Ozer M., Are Volatility Transmissions between Stock Market’s Returns of Balkan & Central EU Constant or Dynamic? Evidence from MGARCH Models
14. Karagianni M. & Karabekou A., The essence and City branding content by reference to the Olympic city of Athens An initial investigation
15. Karantinos Ch. & Pitoska E., International extroversion and strategies of Greek winemaking enterprises
16. Kariotou A., & Blanas G., Comparison of ISO 22000 and HACCP requirements in feta cheece production firms
17. Kourkoutas I. & Blanas G, Does local food impact hotel selection?
18. Kydros D. & Anastasiadis A., Political Language & Economy: A Network Analysis
19. Kyriakou D., Mpregkou M., Blanas N., Belias D. & Koustelios A., Rethinking Of Experiential Tourism Through Social Media: Could Greece Keep Up The Pace?
20. Mastrothanasis K., The perceived quality as an evaluation component for the staff selection procedures in public education: A study on the development of summative quality tools
21. Mitrou D., Agoraki M. & Filos J., Regulatory Compliance of stock broking firms: Emphasis on money laundering
22. Mylonas D, Conditions & Limitations of IFRS applicability in non-listed manufacturing firms in Northern Greece
23. Mylonas. D., Stavropoulou Ev. & Bigaki M., Improving effectiveness thru internal quality control at the "Papageorgiou" Hospital
24. Oxouzi E., Melfou K & Papanagiotou E., Sustainability in Farming Certified Quality Products – Determinants of Adoption
25. Pitoska E. & Karantinos Ch., Green economy, social cohesion and employment
26. Polyzos E., VBanking: An Object-oriented, Behavioural Framework for Financial Analysis
27. Rossidis J. & Aspridis G., Knowledge Management - A theoretical approach
28. Serafeimidou A. & Blanas G., CSFs for IFS Quality System Adoption: A case study in the Fish Industry
29. Škodová Parmová D., Central European Economies Competitiveness based on the Services for Entrepreneurs
30. Stefanouli M., Polyzos S., Factors at play in commuting intensity; an empirical analysis in Greece
31. Thanopoulos J., The Era of Global Firms and Corporate Governance
32. Koutoupis A. & Kakkos C., Morality & ethics of Greek Auditors
33. Kyriakou D., Belias D., Koustelios A., Varsanis K. & Xanthopoulos D, Greek memorandum social ramifications
Practical hands – on training by Dr. Kilindri S.& Blanas G. on OpenProj project management software. Certificate of attendance, Copy of OpenProj Software on USB, Hard copy of the OpenProj Study Guide in Greek (ISBN# 978-960-9510-03-5)
Conference Languages: English & Greek
Presenters speaking Greek used English in their powerpoint presentation