13th Annual MIBES International Conference

19th Oct - 20th Oct 2018, Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Economy



11th MIBES’ Conference – Heraklion, Greece, June 20th –22nd 2016

CD ISBN: 978-960-93-8332-5
Welcome by
MIBES 2016 Chair Professor Dr George Blanas, TEI of Thessaly, Greece
MIBES 2016 Co-Chair Professor Dr Dimitris Kirikos TEI of Crete, Greece
TEI of Crete Vice President Professor Dr John Kopanakis
TEI of Thessaly Vice President Professor Dr Stathis Velissariou
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, Professor, Ryerson University, Canada, Addressing Under-Employment Through Lifelong Learning, Distance Education and Innovation
Oral Presentations (Linked to Papers)
1. Andreopoulou Z. & Kalfagianni A., Climate change, forest adaptation and technology: perspectives and drawbacks
2. Apostolidis G., Applying Choice Experiment Valuation of Natural Resources for Sustainable Environmental Policy and Management: The case of Protected Area Agras-Vritta-Nisi Wetland
3. Argyrou M.D., Bassiakos Y. & Tsipouri L., Determinants of the Profitability of Greek Enterprises before and after the Crisis
4. Belias D.Kyriakou D. Velissariou E. Koustelios A. Varsanis K. & Sdrolias L., Business model in hospitality services: An implementation must?
5. Belke M. & Bolat S., The Panel Data Analysis of Female Labour Participation and Economic Development Relationship in Developed and Developing Countries
6. Blanas G. Kilindri S., Coping with less travel freedom choices for dementia patients and their caregivers, a qualitative approach
7. Cremona L. Mezzenzana M. Ravarini A. & Buonanno G., How Additive Manufacturing Adoption Would Influence a Company Strategy and Business Model
8. Diakomihalis M. Tsigkanou Ch. & Chytis E., Tax auditing in Greek Hotels: Outcomes, causes and consequences of tax default
9. Dimou I. & Velissariou E., Tourism and Accessibility. A satisfaction survey on tourists with disabilities in the Island of Crete.
10. Folinas D. Aidonis D. Karazois F. Pasxos N. Mylonas D., Factors Influencing Northern Greece Businesses to Move to Bulgaria
11. Garefalakis A. Lemonakis Ch. Galyfianakis G. Bournelis N. & Zanidakis N., Issues arising for accounting harmonization in EU: Core characteristics and perspectives
12. Giovanis N. Pantelidis P. Pazarskis M. & Elekidou F., Evaluation of the labour productivity during the economic crisis in Greece: A financial-accounting approach at industrial listed firms
13. Giovanis N. Pantelidis P. Pazarskis M. & Tairi E., An Empirical Investigation during the economic crisis on the Labor Productivity after mergers in Greece
14. Gougouliana & Asynanoglou, Prevention & Intervention in a School Community for Mental Health and Student Awareness in relation to the Problems of Alzheimer Sufferers
15. Heidrich D. Almeida A. & Jones M., Middle managers as the drivers of positive cultural change
16. Ivanova N. Ruohomaa H. & Ivanova K., Knowledge Market in a Digital World
17. Kioseoglou S. & Koemtzi M., Measurement of citizen satisfaction using SERVQUAL. The case study of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Western Thessaloniki
18. Kipourou A., An alternative flexible application of the Balanced Scorecard Technique for the Valuation of Firms
19. Kiratli Ο., Greek and Turkish Public Opinion on Poverty and Foreign Aid
20. Konstantopoulou D., Valsamidis S., Florou G. & Pappas D., The Dependence of Crime on Technology
21. Kopanakis I. Vassakis K. & Mastorakis G., Big Data in Data-driven innovation: the impact in enterprises’ performance
22. Kougias I. Seremeti L. & Kalogeras D., Promoting Inclusion in Higher Education by Adopting the Theoretical Framework of Autopoiesis
23. Kyriakou D. Belias D. Velissariou E. Koustelios A. Varsanis K. & Sdrolias L., The Total Product in the Tourism Sector: Return to the Basics
24. Magulios G. & Maguliou M., Loans and Institutional Arrangements in Greece during the Economic Crisis period (2008-2015)
25. Mezzenzana M. Cremona L. Negrin P. & Buonanno G., A Sustainable Ambient Intelligence Enabled Management Model for the Valorisation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage
26. Mitov I. Rizov A. Ivanova K. & Vlachkov M., Ergonomic Design of the User Interface of Integrated Software Systems for Business Management
27. Neofytidou E. Ponos P. Evangelidis G. Tsolaki M. & Kassapi E., Interdisciplinary research and construction diagnostic instruments of premorbid intelligence
28. Nikolopoulos S. & Tzouramanis N., Data Mining Association Rules of ICT’s Adoption Factors by Greek Accountants
29. Pantelidis P. Pazarskis M. Tsouka A. & Pazarski G., Exploration of IFRS Adoption on the Financial Statements of the Greek Listed Constructive Firms
30. Papadopoulou E. & Blanas G., The Golden Era of Greek Cinema, its social network and its impact today
31. Pavlidis K., Papanastasiou I. & Folinas D., Application of Game Theory in Multimodal Transport Operator Processes
32. Pavlis N. & Mpouzi E., Using factor analysis for evaluating Greek e-government website. “The case of Taxisnet evaluation”
33. Pazarskis M. Giovanis N. Pantelidis P. & Metskas V., Evaluation of the «Kallikratis» program in the Municipality of Serres: Analysis of Economic and Human Resource Data
34. Serafeimidou A. & Dimou M., Workplace bullying with special emphasis in the Greek public sector – a review article
35. Sirmos K. & Vellidis G., Comparison of Regions of Greece, Bulgaria and Roumania during the 2003-2009 period using Principal Component Analysis
36. Solias Α, Kalamatianos Α. & Degleris Ν., Volunteer support to Dementia Carers
37. Stivaktakis M., Petousis M. Vairis A. Vidakis N. & Owens G., Developing a Phaistos disk geometric model with 3d scanning technologies
38. Trihas N. & Konstantarou A., Investigating Characteristics, Motivations, Perceptions and Expectations of Spa and Wellness Tourists in Elounda, Crete
39. Tsikouriadis P., Integrated care systems for asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients
40. Tziantopoulos K., Vlachos D. & Iakovou E., Additive Manufacturing: a Decision Support System for Spare Parts Inventory Management
41. Tziotziou F., Kilindri S.& Blanas G., Critical Success Factors for ISO 9001 Implementation: The case of the Tirnavos Agricultural Cooperative Winery
42. Yakavenka V., Mallidis I., Siamas I., Vlachos D. & Iakovou E., A Decision Support System For Cold Supply Chain Network Design
43. Yiannoulis I, Determinants of involuntary delisting in Athens Stock Exchange
44. Yilmaz B.S. & Ilter B., Motivations behind Organic Food Consumption in Turkey: Impact of Health, Environment and Green Consumer Values on Purchase Intentions
45. Yilmaz B.S., The Impact of User-Generated Content on Tourism Consumer’s Information Search Behaviour
46. Zisopoulos A. & Gerakis G., DGIGISAD: Digital saddle for semi-automatic control of service animals and partially reinstating the animal-drawn economy.
47. Zotos D. & Dimotikalis Y., Analysis and Benchmarking of Tourism Evaluations in Crete and Cyprus using Binomial Statistical Distribution
5 hour Practical hands – on training by Dr. Michael Jone, Wollongong University, Australia, on NVivo software for Qualitative Research. Copy of software with limited duration educational licence. Certificate of attendance.
Practical hands – on training by Dr. Kilindri S. on OpenProj project management software. Certificate of attendance, Copy of OpenProj Software on USB, Hard copy of the OpenProj Study Guide in Greek (ISBN# 978-960-9510-03-5)
Conference Languages: English & Greek
Powerpoint presentations in English only